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The Community/Police Dialogue Group

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The community/police dialogue initiative has successfully created an atmosphere

of trust and cooperation between residents and local law enforcement personnel.

DISC played a critical role in the creation of the dialogue, and DISC members

remain active in the process. Interestingly, this effective communication initiative

began in response to a painful experience for the black community.

In December of 2009, the Boca Raton Police Department (in cooperation with the

federal Department of Drug Enforcement) concluded a long investigation and

initiated a drug raid in Lincoln Court, a sister neighborhood just to the north of

Pearl City. A dozen people were arrested; warrants were issued for more than ten


Although the neighborhood felt relieved that the drug ring was broken, the swift

and aggressive nature of the operation left residents traumatized and concerned

about relations with the local police. Working with others in the Pearl City and

Lincoln Court community, DISC took a leadership role in creating a way to

promote open communication between city officials and neighborhood residents.

The first meeting of the Dialogue Group was held in May, 2010.

The Dialogue has continued to meet ten months each year (August through May)

as an open forum. The meetings take place on the third Thursday of the month and

are attended by residents, police officers, city leaders, DISC members, and other

interested parties. Topics range from discussions of neighborhood improvements

to youth issues to crime prevention to plans for community special events.

The Dialogue Group has been instrumental in creating a stronger sense of

community in Pearl City, Dixie Manor, and Lincoln Court, and in giving the

community a respected voice on local issues. A good example came in response to

the persistent problem of speeding cars on 15th Terrace and 2nd Court, streets that

are home to many children and seniors. The Dialogue Group, spearheaded by

neighborhood resident Mildred Cooper, worked for over a year with city officials,

communicating the concern, collecting the required signatures, and meeting all

other City of Boca Raton criteria. In April, 2012, the City installed speed bumps to

calm the traffic.



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