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Pearl City Centennial

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The Pearl City neighborhood came into being in 1915, when land was designated,

platted, and made available to African Americans for housing. In recognition of

that beginning, DISC worked in collaboration with the Boca Raton Historical

Society and the City of Boca Raton to put together a memorable Pearl City

Centennial Celebration on June 20, 2015. The day-long event included a

ceremony honoring Pearl City pioneer families, a walk through the neighborhood,

an exhibition of historical objects and photographs, and a concluding celebration

with food and entertainment in Hughes Park.

In her Pearl City Centennial Proclamation, Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie

recognized Pearl City as “Boca Raton’s oldest existing neighborhood” and as “one

of two designated historic districts in the City.” Her proclamation ended with a

call to “all residents to join in honoring all those Pearl City residents, past and

present, who created and continue to nurture this close-knit, enduring community.


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