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Boca Raton Museum

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Tree of Life Art Exhibit about Pearl City

Tree of Life

In summer 2019, Harlem artist Maren Hassinger began an art installation project at the Boca Raton Museum honoring the Pearl City Community. In July 2019, she visited Lois Martin Community Center and held an art workshop with the children there, along with DISC members, City Council members, community police, Debra Weiss Dance Company members and Boca Raton Museum of Art staff. During the workshop, Ms. Hassinger taught everyone how to make "tree branches" out of newspaper. These "branches" became part of Hassinger's giant "Tree of Life" artwork at the Museum. Choreographer Debra Weiss taught students an environmental dance about trees which they performed at the opening of the "Tree of Life" exhibit. They exhibit also featured oral history recordings from Pearl City residents of the past.


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