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Endangered Historic Pearl City House

A historic house in Pearl City is at risk. Here is what the Boca Raton Historical Society had to say about it, and the possible plan to save it:

"156 NE 11th Street—Endangered!! The owner of the Fountain family house at 156 NE 11th (Pearl) Street is planning to demolish the house so she can build a new structure. This ca. 1929 wood frame cottage, once so common here, is the oldest house left in the Pearl City historic district, but we understand the costs to restore it will be prohibitive to the owner. The owner has offered to donate this house to a nonprofit or government agency, however, this will not happen without a site to move it to. A rough estimate for relocating and restoring the house is $250,000. We believe it would be possible to raise these funds through grants and donations, however, we cannot solicit funds without a relocation site. So far, we have been unsuccessful finding such a site. If you have any suggestions for a new location or are interested in moving the house yourself, you can email"


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