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Allen’s Place Pearl City Community Garden

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Community Garden Plot Sign Up Day with D.I.S.C.

Would you like to have a plot in a fabulous community garden with friends and

neighbors? Do you want to grow fresh organic produce for yourself and your family? 

Would you like to learn great gardening techniques from your gardening neighbors? If

so, contact Marie Hester at or call 240-603-9582 to sign up for

a garden box.

Now is an incredible opportunity to grow fresh organic food for yourself and your family

with a supportive community of neighbors. In addition to access to land, tools, water,

and seeds, D.I.S.C. will facilitate regular garden trainings, workdays, activities for kids,

and occasional potlucks.

Some participants join with years of gardening experience, while others are first-time

growers -- whatever your background, you’ll find opportunities to both learn and share!

GARDEN LOCATION: Ebenezer Baptist Church Lot POINT-OF-CONTACT: Marie Hester, 240-603-9582 COST ANNUALLY: $30.00 WHEN: Saturday, April 17 - 10:00 a.m.

The Pearl City Community is guaranteed a box before opening it up to the general public - so, let us know if you are interested!



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